Trophies & Regalia

The linkages below bring up a list of Sunbeam Trophies in Falmouth, based mostly on the work of Jacky Andrew & Sue Treneer, plus a file with the details and a photo of each trophy, where available.

So far we have found 64 of them, and have recorded details on around forty. If you hold a trophy not detailed please contact us so it can be included.

In the 1920's the trophies were mostly silver cups, given as "keepers", and could be of a significant value compared to the cost of a new boat. There seems to have been at least one per boat (such as the Sicklemore Cup, Trevissome Cup, Foster Cup, Willcox Cup, Bowman Cup, Watson Smythe Cup, Sunbeam Amateur Cup, Tuke Cup, Corinthian Cup). None of these appear to have survived as part of the Sunbeam Association collection, nor at the clubs, though the Tuke Cup was around in 1966. If you have one please contact us.

Some modern cups are missing. Two from Fowey Week: the Dougie Chaffin Tankard and the Toms Cup, these did not, as expected, turn up from Bomber's garage when it was tidied up. Two for the Sunbeam Championships: Falmouth Hotel Trophy and a decanter. Not too bad considering they get taken home (in rowing boats, sometimes), but if you have one please contact us.


List of Sunbeam Trophies

Details of Sunbeam Trophies