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Falmouth Sunbeam Association

Eleven entries in 2016 Falmouth Week: seven for the week, four more for the three day mini series starting Thursday 11th August

Welcome to the Sunbeam Association, which is run by the owners on a one vote per boat basis. Anyone interested in joining the class or buying a Sunbeam will benefit from contacting the association, which has details of all the boats and owners. Associate Membership is open to anyone interested in Sunbeams; crewing; or even chartering a boat for a season or a regatta.


The Sunbeam is a wooden one design racing yacht designed in 1922 by Alfred Westmacott, 48 have been built and 47 survive, 27 of which are in Falmouth. The Sunbeam is 26' 5" overall, half decked, with 300 square feet of sail, and usually two crew. Instead of a spinnaker the tack of the jib is poled out with "Kitty Gear" (see photo above).They also happen to be one of the most beautiful yachts ever built with remarkable light-weather performance, and extreme ease of handling and quickness on the helm. They first raced in Falmouth on 31 May 1924, and will celebrate their 90th anniversary in 2014.



 JOIN: Associate Membership is £10 per year:

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